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SP5-14 A study to determine the knowledge and practice of foot care in patients with chronic diabetic ulcers
  1. C V M Jinadasa1,2,
  2. M Jeewantha1
  1. 1Faculty of Medicine University of Colombo, Colombo, Sri Lanka
  2. 2Sri Jayawardhanapura Hospital, Colombo, Sri Lanka


Introduction Diabetic foot ulcers account for many hospital admissions and is a major cause of amputations. This is preventable by effective identification, education and preventive foot care practice.

Objective Determine the level of knowledge and practice of foot care among patients with chronic diabetic foot ulcers.

Methodology Individuals with diagnosed diabetic foot ulcers (n=110) were selected from National Hospital of Sri Lanka for this descriptive study. They were given an interviewer administered, pre-tested questionnaire. Patient perceptions of foot care were enquired. A scoring system ranging from 0 to 10 was employed to analyse the responses given for level of knowledge and practice of diabetic foot care.

Results Mean age was 58.4 years (SD ±8.6) and 57.3% were males. Non-healing ulcers were present among 82.7% and amputations amounted to 38.2%. The control of diabetes was poor in 60%. Regarding foot care knowledge, the mean score was 8.37, 75.5% had scored above mean and 52.7% were aware of all principles of foot care. Regarding foot care practices, the mean score was 4.55, 47.3% participants had scored below mean and 22.7% did not practice any foot care principle and hence scored 0. A Statistically significant difference exists between the foot care knowledge and practice scores (p<0.001, z=−8.151). 51% have not been educated prior to the occurrence of complications.

Conclusion Results demonstrate a satisfactory knowledge on diabetic foot care but practices of preventive techniques were unsatisfactory. Good patient follow-up to increase compliance would help to improve this situation.

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