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SP5-11 Highland malaria outbreak in Homeyo District, Papua Province, Indonesia: an entomological investigation
  1. A Oktavian1,
  2. H Kawulur1,
  3. M Widiyanti1,
  4. M Raharjo1,
  5. L Salim1,
  6. D Triboewono2
  1. 1National Institute of Health Research and Development for Biomedicine, Papua Province, Jayapura, Indonesia
  2. 2Research and Development Centre for Vector and Disease Reservoirs, Salatiga, Indonesia


The first highland malaria outbreak and associated deaths was reported in May 2010 from several villages in Homeyo District, Papua Province. Homeyo is 1900 M above sea level with 15–25°C air temperature, an uncommon condition for mosquitoes to breed. The epidemiological and parasitological survey in June 2010 conducted by the Papua Health Department found Plasmodium Falciparum Rate (PFR) in Bamba, Sanepa, Pogapa and Degesiga villages were 44.23%, 6.73%, 20.27% and 7.40%, respectively. Based on verbal autopsy, the team found 36 death cases due to malaria suspect. The entomological survey was intended to identify the species and breeding habitat of suspected mosquito vectors, and the distribution of the highland malaria cases related to the village location and human behaviour. The survey was carried out from 30 August to 3 September 2010. We collected larva and adult stage mosquitoes, malaria case mapping with GPS, environmental observation, short interview and blood test. Although neither larva nor adult stage of Anopheles spp. was caught due to the heavy rain and limited time of survey, the opening of new land program were likely to play an important role in creating a new mosquito breeding site. Further, the indigenous Papuan live in traditional houses, without window and light and only fireplace at night. The case's houses were located close to the breeding habitat and within a flight range of Anopheles. A more systematic and sustainable health education program is needed to raise public health awareness. The use of Long Lasting Insecticide Nets is the best choice for this area.

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