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SP5-7 Fatal accidents at work: improving the identification and measurement in Belo Horizonte
  1. E Drumond,
  2. J Silva,
  3. C Heckert
  1. Belo Horizonte Health Department, Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Information on fatal work injuries (FWI) are unreliable in Brazil. The Information System of the Ministry of Social Security, fed by Work Accident Communications (WAC), covers only work accidents (WA) over formal labour, governed by the Consolidation of Labour Laws. To collect data of major injuries (accidents and diseases) related to work, the Ministry of Health established an Information System for Notifiable Diseases (SINAN NET). Notification is mandatory and can be made by any health professional trained. The Mortality Information System (SIM) provides information on FWI, also with acknowledged underreporting. To reduce underreporting of FWI in the SIM and SINANET in Belo Horizonte, this work was carried out crossing information from SIM and SINAN NET. We also crossed component data from death certificates and the records of investigation in which there was plausibility of FWI between the profession of the deceased and the type of accident and there was no explicit statement of whether it was work accident or death. Underreporting was evident in both the SINAN NET and the SIM and the study led to a significant increase in the number of FWI in the city.

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