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SP4-34 Factors associated with qualified medical care for sick neonates among urban poor in Lucknow, northern India
  1. N M Srivastava1,2,
  2. S Awasthi2
  1. 1Johns Hopkins University-King George's Medical University Collaborative Research Projects, Lucknow, India
  2. 2Department of Paediatrics, King George's Medical University, Lucknow, India


Introduction This study assessed factors associated with qualified medical care-seeking (QMC) for sick neonates among urban poor.

Methods The study was conducted at an urban Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) center and free facility of the District hospital. Neonates were enrolled within 48 h of birth and were followed-up once at 6 weeks ± 15 days at the outpatients' clinic of the respective hospitals or at home.

Results 510 neonates were enrolled and 481 (94.4%) were followed-up. Parents of 50.3% (242/481) neonates reported at least one sign of illness and 80.1% (196/242) of these went to at least one type of medical provider, while 50.8% (123/242) went to at least one qualified medical provider. 6.6% (16/242) went to traditional/spiritual healers. Mothers who delivered at RCH center (p<0.001), those with no schooling (p=0.02), those with parity >4 (p=0.007), those who made <3 ANC visits (p=0.002) and families with uneducated fathers (p=0.02) and income <2500 Indian Rupees (p<0.001) were less likely to seek QMC that their counterparts. In Multiple Logistic Regression Model, delivery at RCH center, family income <2500 INR and fewer (<3) ANC visits significantly predicted no QMC for sick neonates.

Conclusion Since more than half of the neonates have morbidity, QMC for sick newborns should be promoted in urban Lucknow. Interventions promoting QMC for sick newborns should especially focus on uneducated mothers & fathers, mothers who make fewer ANC visits, mothers with high parity, those belonging to lower income groups and those delivering at the lower tier public health facilities.

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