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Global health
SP4-7 Health students' knowledge and needs relating to global health and health equity: a province-wide study
  1. M Veras1,2,
  2. P Tugwell1,
  3. K Pottie1,
  4. V Welch1
  1. 1University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  2. 2Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


The purpose of this study is to evaluate the extent of global health content in the current curricula of family medicine, nursing and physiotherapy programs and to conduct a survey for students in order to evaluate the knowledge, attitudes and education needs about global health.

Methodology The global health content of medical, nursing and physiotherapy curricula will be assessed through a document analysis. The appraisal will include the printed and electronic documents of these programs from each of the six Ontario universities in Canada. Additionally, a survey will be validated and administrated to health students. The validation will cover face and content validity, reliability and internal consistence reliability. The sample size will be calculated with the Bland formula. Cronbach's α will assess the internal consistency of the instrument for a complete multi-question scale.

Results The preliminary results of the document analysis revealed a lack of global health content in the curricula of these programs. There was a lack of printed and electronic information about global health as well as a lack of information regarding the description of the global health programs, evaluation, mentorship, funding, objectives and challenges. We are currently in the process of collecting data for the quantitative study.

Conclusion The preliminary conclusion of this study showed that there is a lack of global health content in the nursing, family physician residency and physiotherapy programs. Additionally, there is a need to develop global health competence across disciplines in order to improve health outcomes for diverse and disadvantaged population and promote health equity.

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