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Epidemiology and policy
SP3-82 Factors associated with oral health status of adults, Brazil
  1. F Floriano1,
  2. C Costa Mda1,
  3. M I Vianna2,
  4. M B Cabral2,
  5. M dos Santos2,
  6. G Santos1
  1. 1ISC-UFBA, SSA, Bahia, Brazil
  2. 2FO-UFBA, SSA, Bahia, Brazil


Introduction The objective of this study was to evaluate the oral health status of adults in Salvador—Bahia, Brazil, and to identify potentials factors related to tooth loss and loss of periodontal attachment.

Methods Cross-sectional study in 501 adults between 35 and 59 years, living in five different areas covered by the Community Health Agents Program/Family Health Strategy (CHAP/FHS), from July to October 2008. The oral health status information was obtained using indexes and criteria according Examiner's Manual SB Brazil project (2001). Descriptive and exploratory analyses were carried out and the differences in scores were tested by Pearson's χ2.

Results Near 50.0% of adults had tooth loss (<20 functional teeth present) and 17.7% had loss of periodontal attachment ≥6 mm. Female had a greater tooth loss (53.0%) and male had larger loss of periodontal attachment ≥6 mm (32.2%). The adults with more than 45 years presented bigger tooth loss (67.2%) as much as periodontal attachment ≥6 mm (24.3%). Among the factors associated with tooth loss, can be pointed out no monthly individual income, low educational level and attending dentist when there is need (p<0.001), while only low educational level was associated with loss of periodontal attachment ≥6 mm (p<0.001).

Conclusions The oral health status of adults was poor, which makes it one of the priorities of the primary care. Low socioeconomic status is commonly related to this condition, suggesting that improving the socioeconomic determinants reflect improvements in oral health.

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