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Epidemiology and policy
SP3-66 Caries in children on the East side of Mexico City study
  1. L P S Martínez,
  2. J M Núñez Martínez,
  3. C Osorno-Escareño Mdel,
  4. L Romero,
  5. U Érika Cenoz
  1. Metropolitan Autonomous University Xochimilco, Distrito Federal, Mexico


Introduction The fluor addition in salt began in Mexico at the early '90s; consequently there has been a decrease of caries cases, but with different average results at the age of 12 in the whole country. Mexico City is one of the zones that present a moderate average (2.1–3). Considering this information it is pertinent to expose the benefit of fluoridated salt in different zones of Mexico City, as well as the different marginalisation characteristics.

Objective To know the experience of caries in children on the East side of Mexico City.

Methods Cross and observational survey. Informed previous consent, 552 students were analysed from the area of Iztapalapa on the East side of Mexico City. This zone is rated as one of the most marginalised ones of the federative entity. Previous calibration of two examiners, both caries dentitions were diagnosed (WHO). Data analysed with SPSS, getting central tendency results and dispersion of gender, age and caries variables. In order to distinguish homogeneity of variables it was used χ2 (p<0.05).

Results 285 girls (52%) and 267 boys (48%) were examined, average age of 8.65 years old. The global dmft was 3.79+3.48 and the global DMFT was 1.67+2.07. There was no significant gender difference in both dentitions, but there was one related to age (p<0.0001). The average dmft-6 was 4.98+4.10 and the DMFT-12 was 3.22+2.71.

Conclusions The studied population presented high rates of caries at the age of twelve, a situation that suggests major efforts in mouth health prevention.

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