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Epidemiology and policy
SP3-19 Preparedness for malaria prevention in relief camps for flood affectees: a cross sectional survey from Pakistan
  1. B Ahmed,
  2. K Nanji,
  3. K Ahmed
  1. Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan


Introduction The monsoon floods in Pakistan affected about 3.2 million people, 1.4 million children and 133 000 pregnant women. 1.3 million people were internally displaced. Stagnant water forms a breeding ground for mosquitoes, poses a serious threat. A survey in the relief camps of (IDP's) to evaluate the malaria prevention preparedness was conducted.

Methods A cross sectional study was conducted in October 2010. Interviews were conducted with 500 individuals, recruited through multi-stage cluster sampling. The study comprised of two phases. In the 1st phase the camps were visited and a complete checklist containing the information regarding the availability of bed nets, insecticidal sprays, mosquito repellents, coils were collected. Camps and surrounding were observed for water and sanitary conditions. In the 2nd phase of the study, the administrations of camps were interviewed regarding the measure taken for malaria prevention.

Results 500 families were interviewed. Average no of children ≤5 years of age per family was 4. None of the family reported to receive any preventive intervention. Sanitary conditions were poor with open drainage system, surrounded by stagnant water. Accessibility to clean water was difficult. 96% individuals reported not practicing any preventive measure for malaria. Inadequate Chloroquine was available in the medical camps, arthremeter was not available. The doctors reported, visiting of 8–10 patients daily with malaria symptoms.

Conclusion Malaria is a major epidemic and public health concern particularly during flood catastrophe. Transparent policy making is required to design strategies for the preparedness of malaria in Pakistan.

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