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Epidemiology and policy
SP3-1 An audit of diabetes care at primary healthcare centers in Dubai/UAE 2010
  1. B A Satar,
  2. H Hussain
  1. Bushrasatar, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Objectives To assess the current management of diabetic patients and benchmark the results against international standards.

Materials and Methods A retrospective medical record review of 87 registered diabetic patients was conducted in diabetes clinics, primary healthcare centers. Records were searched for the last 2 years of Audit implementation in Dubai concerning HbA1c, lipid, BMI, Systolic Blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure indicators in comparison with the standard auditing requirements as indicated by CDC, ICSI.

Results HBA1C was taken two or more times a year in 80.4% of the sample which meet the international standard recommendation and only one time in 16.6% of the sample per each year period, 67.82% of patients showed abnormal HBA1C results, 11% of the sample showed HBA1C >9.5 and 32.18% of patients showed HBA1C <7. BMI analysis showed that 89% of the patients were more than normal level (>25), 35% were overweight while (25–30) and 54% were obese according to BMI definition (>30). The study showed that 46% of patients have systolic blood pressure >130 mm Hg, and 29% showed diastolic blood pressure >80 mm Hg. Lipid assessment was conducted on 93% of patients in the sample. The study showed significant difference (p>0.05) from international standards in documentation for foot examination (22%) of the sample, vision assessment (40%) of the sample and documentation of advises on diet and exercise (35%). As the international reference for good care and (60%) for documentation.

Recommendation 1. Strengthening the healthcare delivery system in diabetes management to achieve the recommended standards as related to control the severity of the disease (which can be done through further investment in manpower, materials, logistics and whole management system. 2. Bringing down the level of.

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