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Chronic disease
SP1-93 An epidemiological study to measure the prevalence of diabetes in the urban areas Ahmedabad, India
  1. H Nayak1,
  2. S Vyas2,
  3. U Oja2,
  4. H tiwari2,
  5. S Parikh2,
  6. A Solanki2
  1. 1B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad, India
  2. 2Smt.N.H.L.MMC, Ahmedabad, India


Introduction Diabetes is common, chronic, disproportionately expensive disorder showing secular trends. WHO predicted that India will have the highest number of diabetics in 2025. So present study was done to To know the prevalence of diabetes, to study the socio- demographic profile and Risk factors of diabetes among study population.

Methods Current study was carried out in all the six zones of urban Ahmedabad. Required sample (900) to know the prevalence was stratified and one ward was selected from each zone. Information was collected from persons 20 year and above in standard predesigned and pretested proforma by house-to-house survey and blood for fasting glucose was collected on next day morning.

Results Out of 904, 125 (13.8%) people were diabetics. 25 (2.8%) people were newly diagnosed, while 100 (11.0%) already had diabetes. The sex specific prevalence was 16.86% and 11.11% for males and females respectively. Prevalence of IFG was 6.0% (6.1% for males and 5.9% for females). The ratio of male & female with diabetes was 1.4:1 (Z=2.51, p<0.05). Mean age of IFG was 44.61±14.44, while the mean age of diabetics was 56.99±12.82 (Z=5.5, p<0.001). Overweight, Central obesity, SBP, DBP, Hypertension, Family history of diabetes, lack of physical activity at workplace, Sedentary occupation were found to be major risk factors for diabetes.

Conclusions Prevalence rate of diabetes among the study population was 13.8% and Prevalence of IFG was 6.0% which is alarming in this region and policy makers must take it seriously. Difference of around 10–20 years was found between IFG and Diabetes.

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