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Chronic disease
SP1-21 Correlation of mild bone fragility and related indicators of biological markers or ultrasonic bone densitometry in a normal Japanese population
  1. N Kuriyama,
  2. E Ozaki,
  3. A Yoshikawa,
  4. M Shigeta,
  5. D Matsui,
  6. I Watanabe,
  7. K Inoue,
  8. Y Watanabe
  1. Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, Kyoto, Japan


Introduction Mild bone fragility has the potential to become a significant national problem given the ageing society as it is a pre-curser of osteoporosis.

Methods Trabecular bone mineral density (BMD), bone elastic modulus (BEM) were measured. We also measured serum bone related antiresorptive markers (eg, calcium), bone absorption markers (TRACP-5b, pyridinoline) and bone formation markers (BAP). Various indicators were compared using χ2 test or trend analysis in the nominated groups.

Results We recruited 348 participants (mean age 45.3 years). We divided subjects into four subgroups: Group C (n=258, 74.1%), Group HBD (hypo BMD, n=22, 6.3%), Group HEM (hypo BEM, n=15, 4.3%), and Group DH (dual hypo, n=53, 15.2%), 22 (6.3%). Significant associations were found between HBD/HEM and increased HbA1c. The BAP level was significantly higher in Group HBD than in Group C. TRACP-5b was significantly higher in Group HEM than in Group C (p<0.05). Drinking and smoking were identified as significant risk factors in Groups HEM and DH.

Conclusion Among the groups, approximately 26% showed mild bone fragility. Group HBD had a correlation with bone formation marker, whereas Group HEM showed a correlation with bone absorption markers. This implies that BMD and BEM seem to reflect different underlying bone metabolism processes. The present results indicate that bone check-up investigations for and medical prevention of osteoporosis are strongly recommended.

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