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SP1-15 Knowledge, attitudes and function of women referred to health centres in Fasa: a survey of breast cancer and self-examination in 1388 [2009/2010]
  1. S L Dehghani,
  2. F Rostami
  1. Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Kerman, Iran


Introduction According to studies in Iran the incidence of breast cancer in women is increasing and it is the most prevalent cancer in women. We considered the role of self-examination and clinical inspection in order to facilitate the early detection of breast cancer and any associated reduction in mortality.

Methods This research was carried out in women referred to health centres in Fasa town. Clustered sapling was used and 300 of women were surveyed. Data collection included: age, level of education, marital status, job, family history of breast cancer, sources of information about signs of breast cancer, and information about the correct way of self-examination of breast and its importance.

Results 300 women were examined. The average age was 30 years (mode 25–30). The majority were married housewives and their education was below diploma. 40% of them knew about breast cancer and self-examination. 10% had a neutral attitude towards breast self-examination. 50% had poor function, however, as knowledge increased function also increased. Degree of knowledge was not associated with attitude.

Conclusion Most women had poor knowledge about breast cancer and poor function in self-examination. Our findings suggest it is important to focus on increasing women's knowledge levels and their ability to undertake breast self-examination.

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