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P2-481 Achievements of the activities to create healthy lifestyles by healthcare professionals and adolescent peer leaders (Part 1)
  1. H Takamura1,
  2. S Haruyama1,
  3. R Uehara1,
  4. S Esumi2,
  5. Y Aoyama1,
  6. E-O Tsogzolbaatar1,
  7. A Sadakane1,
  8. I Chihara1,
  9. S Tsuboi1,
  10. Y Nakamura1
  1. 1JIchi Medical University, Shimotsuke, Japan
  2. 2Graduate of Human Sciences, Osaka University, Suita, Japan


Objectives As part of the grass-root technical cooperation program of the Japan International Cooperation Agency, we are working on the activities to create healthy lifestyles by healthcare professionals and adolescent peer leaders jointly with the Health Service Bureau of Veracruz State in the United Mexican States. This research aims to grasp people's knowledge and awareness about health in that state and to examine how the peer leader activities influenced the people of that state. The first report focuses on the differences in awareness of health between people living in an area introduced this activity and those in areas without it.

Method We conducted the survey in May to June 2010 with people of Veracruz sampled at random from the resident registers (aged 12–69) through the interview survey for hearing with question sheets to be recorded. We surveyed people's participation in the peer leader activities, their knowledge and awareness about health acquired through the activities, the changes in their life they recognised, and other matters.

Results 881 sheets were distributed, and 799 were collected with a collection rate of 90.7%. Valid responses were 788 with a response rate of 89.4%. In an area introduced the activity, 97% were always aware of health (p<0.001), 95% were willing to participate in health promotion campaigns (p<0.001), and 55% were interested in obesity (p<0.001).

Consideration The possibility that peer leader activities may have favourable effects on people's health awareness in that state has been shown.

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