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P2-472 Factors affecting newborn care practices in Bangladesh
  1. M Shahjahan,
  2. K Fatema,
  3. S J Mumu,
  4. A Afroz
  1. Bangladesh Institute of Health Sciences, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Introduction Newborn care has important implication in achieving MDG-4 because among infant deaths two-thirds die within 1 month of the birth in Bangladesh. The objective of this paper is to identify the associated factors which affect newborn-care practices in Bangladesh.

Methods This paper used the birth history data of BDHS 2007—which is a nationally representative sample survey. Two-stage stratified cluster- sampling design was adopted. A total number of 6150 mothers were interviewed through systematic random sampling.

Results The mean age of mothers was 18.0 (SD±3.2) years. Little over 12 % pregnant women received at least one antenatal check-up during the pregnancy. About 85% of deliveries were conducted at home and 71% of them were attended by untrained persons. During cord cutting 87% used clean instrument and 34% reported to have their first bath immediately after delivery. Twelve percent mother initiated breast feeding within half an hour of the delivery. Logistic regression analysis suggests that maternal education is an important determinant of early breast feeding and new born care. Secondary or higher levels of maternal education were associated with early breast feeding (OR=2.9, CI 1.5 to 5.5). For instance, mothers who had secondary and higher education were almost three times more likely to be aware of the newborn care practices as opposed to mothers who had no education.

Conclusion Since two-thirds of infants die before reaching 1 month, it is recommended that through creating awareness about newborn care practices of rural mothers, infant mortality can be significantly reduced.

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