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P2-461 Women vulnerability to HIV/AIDS in the eye of culture: a case study of Anambra state in Nigeria
  1. C Okonkwo1,
  2. I Oguadimma1,
  3. P Umeojiakor1,
  4. N Ezekwueche1
  1. 1Youth Network on HIV/AIDS Population & Development in Nigeria, Awka, Anambra, Nigeria
  2. 2Hope Givers Organisation, Awka, Anambra, Nigeria


Background Culture is people way of life but some cultures are barbaric that they contain ingredients that relegate women to the background and the situation is worsening with HIV infection. The aspect that requires urgent attention is that majority of women involved think that these cultural practices are normal thus; do not perceive any risk to HIV infection. This work was to evaluate the knowledge of rural women on sexual violence, mode of HIV transmission (cultural perspective) and predisposing cultural practices in Anambra State rural communities.

Methodology Questionnaires and In-depth Interview (IDIs) survey involved in the selection of 150 respondents through multistage technique. This structured questionnaires covered areas such as knowledge of violence, HIV/AIDS and cultural practices that make one vulnerable to HIV infection in the area.

Result All the respondents have heard of HIV/AIDS but 78% of them do not know all the modes of HIV transmission. Study further revealed that 55% of women were victims of some type of sexual coercion with a husband in their lifetime, 35% with men other than their husband, all openly admit to physical violence and that sexual violence is highly underreported. Also, all agreed to practices that helps keep their husbands or their own family linage alive.

Conclusion There is serious need for programmers to step up efforts towards addressing reproductive health and rights of women especially widows and families without child/children otherwise the aim of impact mitigation of HIV/AIDS among women of reproductive age in the selected rural communities will be defeated.

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