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P2-422 Epidemiology by zip code for cancer study in Tehran city
  1. B Ighanian
  1. Cancer Research of Cancer Institute, Tehran, Iran


Geographical Information System is a computerised system for managing and analysing the geographic information. It has the capability to gather, save, analyse and show the geographic information. Considering utilising of zip codes has segregation of information in residential usage, the experts of the ministry of health and medical support this method (utilising zip codes) as the best way to reach to their aims. Digitising 18 sheets of the plans of Tehran considering various methods of clarification of existent information including 700 thousand informational records, were analysed and tested by different softwares like ArcGIS, Arcview, Edvisi, Ilwis and AutoCAD. These methods contain, rechecking the information by operators and clarification of information on the postal and geographical plans by mentioned softwares. As the addresses in the files of The Office of Codifying were edited in three parts (sector, penultimate pass way, last pass way) The program firstly verifies all three fields with data bank of cancer to attribute 5 digits codes to patient's address, and then if two fields in one record are verified with data bank, 5 digits of zip code is attributed to the patient's address and finally all records which have received codes are eliminated thus these records are moved out of the comparing circle. The plans show that the most aggregated zone of cancer epidemy is Bazar and south west is the second most aggregated zone. This method can be use in several cases such as EOC GIS (Emergency Operation Center), Sustainable development, health GIS, Crime GIS, Educational management, Economical cases and any other macro managements system.

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