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P2-419 Physical activity among Dubai population prevalence and some associated factors
  1. H Hussain,
  2. N Hassan
  1. Dubai Health Authority, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Objectives Study the prevalence of physical activities among Dubai population and the effect of some associated factors, assess the knowledge, practice and attitudes.

Methodology A cross sectional survey has been carried out upon random sample of adult Dubai population age range (18–65) years, the sample was identified from schools, universities, primary healthcare centers visitors, governmental offices, commercial Malls and house hold families, sample size was estimated by using Epi Info software, it was 2226 individuals of different age, sex, income, social class. socio-demographic data, Knowledge, attitudes, practice, and reasons of avoidances.

Results 23.6% of the sample showed good knowledge and 86.6% showed positive attitude towards practicing physical activities, about 34.6% of the sample are practicing physical activity regularly (prevalence rate among Dubai adult population), it was appear that practicing of physical activity is significantly higher among emirates in comparison with expatriates, highly educated individuals (university and above), and high income people (10 000 ED and above), the study showed that the main reason behind non practicing physical activity were lack of time 47.3%, tiredness and exhaustion 20.1%. UN availability of suitable places 17.3%, the multiple logistic regression analysis showed that there are four factors significantly affect on practicing of physical activities in Dubai, they are, Nationality OR was 1.49 among Emirates compared to expatriates, Educational level, OR was 2.00 among higher education compared with low education (primary school), Awareness and knowledge factor OR 3.49 and income factor showed higher practicing of physical activity among individuals with high income (10 000 and above) compared to low income individuals <10 000 ED.

Recommendations Establishing national public health program to approach physical activity problem and developing effective strategies to deal with the causes.

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