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P2-396 KAP on anaemia related issues among the adolescent girls in rural Bangladesh: analysis after a community based intervention
  1. D Farhana1,
  2. S H Talukder1,
  3. S H Khan1,
  4. S Haque1,
  5. Z Mahmud2
  1. 1Eminence, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  2. 2MI, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Introduction In Bangladesh a large population, especially adolescent girls are vulnerable to Iron Deficiency Anaemia (IDA). Around 3.9 million adolescent girls are affected by IDA. Thus, Eminence in collaboration with Micronutrient Initiative (MI) had piloted a project in rural context to improve KAP among them and reduce prevalence of anaemia.

Methods Total 600 adolescent's girls aged 16–19 years from five unions in northern part of Bangladesh were interviewed and follow-up them after supplementing Iron Folate Tablets and behaviour change intervention by community volunteers for 12 months. A baseline, midterm and follow-up study were carried out during entire period of this intervention.

Results After 1 year of community based intervention, knowledge on iron richer food increased and causes of anaemia decreased from 62.9% to 82.2% and 86.1% to 71.5% respectively. Knowledge on symptoms and ways to prevent anaemia has also increased. It was found that more than two third (78.7%) of participants has the knowledge on number of iron tablets required per month. After the intervention ended around 16.7% adolescents were taking iron tablet regularly meanwhile when iron folate supplementation was distributed free of cost and after that when it was sold door to door by the Community Volunteers (CVs) the rate was 94% and 28.5% respectively.

Conclusions Despite of the knowledge and positive attitude towards taking iron tablets, practice is not quite satisfactory, which might be due to nature of consumer and psychological behaviour along with inaccessibility of pharmacy is far away from the villages.

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