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P2-394 Infection control practices at the ministry of health dental clinics in Alexandria
  1. N El-Nimr1,
  2. A Hasab1,
  3. M Arafa1,
  4. M A Salam2,
  5. M Shama1
  1. 1High Institute of Public Health, Alexandria, Egypt
  2. 2Faculty of Dentistry, Alexandria, Egypt


Introduction Infection control (IC) is a priority consideration in dentistry. Dental procedures are done in a septic environment posing significant hazards to dentists and patients. The Aim was to assess the dentists' IC practices at the MOH dental clinics.

Methods A cross-sectional design was used and the researcher visited 29 dental care facilities, selected randomly from Alexandria seven health districts. Two data collection tools included: 1- An IC checklist to study the six IC practices. Two data collection tools included: 1- An observational IC checklist to study the six IC practices (232 observation for each practice). 2- Dental clinic checklist. The score percent was calculated for each observation.

Results Gloves and masks were the most commonly available personal protective equipment. Handwashing sinks were were not dedicated for handwashing. Dry heat ovens were the most commonly used sterilisation device. In only 4.3% and 32% of the observations, hand hygiene was performed before donning and after removal of gloves respectively. In 81%, new pairs were used for each patient. In about one-quarter of the observations the dentists moved away from the dental unit and touched other environmental surfaces while donning gloves. In almost all observations, used needles were discarded in the sharp container. The one hand scoop technique was used for recapping needles in about 34% of the observations. The environmental surfaces were neither wrapped nor disinfected in 78% of the observations.

Conclusion Most IC resources at the MOH dental clinics were available. The dentists' compliance with certain IC practices was found to be not satisfactory.

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