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P2-358 HIV/AIDS status in a hill-tribe population, Thailand
  1. T Apidechkul
  1. Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai Province, Thailand


Introduction We aimed to describe the current HIV/AIDS situation, sexual behaviours, access to care and survival time in the six main hill-tribe people in Thailand; Akha, Lahu, Karean, Mong, Yao, and Lisaw This is where much of the epidemic of HIV/AIDS in Thailand occurs.

Materials and Methods Using a retrospective cohort study design we systematically extracted data from the medical records of hill-tribe HIV/AIDS patients from a total of 37 hospitals. We also studied risk factors by administering a questionnaire delivered by fact-to-fact interview. The questionnaires had been tested for validity and reliability. Statistic analyses were contribute by Survival Analysis and Cox-Regression

Results A total of 608 cases came from 37 hospitals. Only 581 cases were included in the analysis. 64.9% of cases were female, 39.6% aged 26–35 years at diagnosis, 94% infected from their spouse, 22.6% were infected by sexual intercourse and 6.2% by IDU. 48.9% received ARV and 47.1% received OI drug. Survival analysis found that those who received ARV had a 50% survival time of 12.4 years (p<0.001) and those who received OI had a 50% survival time of 6.0 years (p<0.001). Cox-Regression showed that having receiving ARV, OI, female sex, religion were factors favouring improved survival time. In addition, among men: 19% gave a history of IDU, 63% had their first sexual experience below age 20 years, 23% had 2 or more partners, and 27% reported using condoms. Among females: 10% had work as masseuses, and 3% as sex workers.

Conclusions This study shows that a given our knowledge of HIV/AIDS there is scope for peer education among hill-tribe people, especially with regard to promoting condom use.

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