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P2-349 Use of insecticide treated nets among pregnant women attending antenatal care at a primary healthcare facility Kaduna state, Nigeria
  1. A A Abubakar1,
  2. M N Sambo1,
  3. S H Idris1,
  4. K Sabitu1,
  5. P Nguku2,
  6. S Seidu1,
  7. A A Aliyu1,
  8. A U Shehu1
  1. 1Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria
  2. 2Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Abuja, Nigeria


Introduction Malaria is an important public health problem in Nigeria. Pregnant women are among the high risk groups for developing malaria. Insecticide Treated Nets (ITNs) have been shown to be an effective means of preventing malaria. A study was undertaken to assess use of ITNs among pregnant women attending Antenatal care.

Methods A descriptive study was conducted. A sample of 330 pregnant women attending Antenatal clinic at a Primary Healthcare center were interviewed on history of fever, use of ITNs and use of other interventions to repel or kill mosquitoes.

Results The mean age of respondents was 25.25 years (±5.48). More than a third 127 (39%) were in their third trimester of pregnancy. Most 273 (83%) reported having had a fever during the index pregnancy. Only 43 (13%) had any type of mosquito net. Overall 25 (7.6%) had ITNs. Pregnant women with higher levels of education were more likely to have mosquito nets than those with lower levels of education (Secondary education or higher 72% vs Primary education 14%). Most 324 (98%) of the ANC attendees used other interventions to repel or kill mosquitoes, 181 (56%) mainly used insecticide sprays.

Conclusion There is low utilisation of Insecticide Treated Nets by pregnant women attending Antenatal Care. Use of other interventions to kill or repel mosquitoes was higher. Antenatal Care provides an opportunity to create awareness and distribute Insecticide Treated Nets to pregnant women. Indoor Residual Spraying is likely to be acceptable as a means of vector control.

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