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Chronic disease
P2-263 Epidemiology of chronic renal failure among admitted patients to the military hospital, Taiz (Yemen)
  1. J Saleh
  1. Faculty of Medicine, Aden University, Aden, Yemen


Objective This study was conducted with the principal objective of contributing to the study of the problem of renal failure in Yemen and the factors related to it.

Material and Methods All the files of the patients diagnosed as chronic renal failure being admitted to the military hospital in Taiz Governorate (Yemen) for haemodialysis during the period June–Nov 2010 representing 99 cases from Taiz, Ibb and Hodeidah Governorates were systematic reviewed and statistically analysed using simple percentage.

Results The results showed that the males were affected more than females with a ratio of 6:4 with a peak incidence group above 40 years for both sex, and most of the admitted patients were farmers being all chat chewers (70%). Malaria was reported among 30% of the admitted patients while another 30% of them were having a history of renal paranchymal diseases several years before. Death was reported in 27% of the cases and the outcome was unknown in most of the patients.

Conclusions High number of cases were reported in the last years in different governorates of Yemen which could be regarded as an alarming situation.

Recommendations An urgent need for further studies to explore deeply the associated factors to this problem for possible interventions actions to control it as well as improving the facilities for renal dialysis in different hospitals.

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