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Chronic disease
P2-234 Self-reported hearing loss and use of health services for elderly: a population based study in São Paulo city, Brazil
  1. K M Paiva,
  2. N Farias,
  3. C L G Cesar,
  4. M B de Azevedo Barros,
  5. L Carandina,
  6. M C G P Alves,
  7. M Goldbaum
  1. University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil


Introduction Hearing loss has been identified as one of the most frequent chronic conditions affecting elderly people and can be result in social isolation, depression and increased dependency. The use of health services to preventive ends it is important to evaluate the health behaviours of elderly with disabilities.

Methods Data are from the Survey of Health of São Paulo (ISA-Capital), a population-based cross-sectional study (n=3357). We analysed the subgroup of elderly (60 years and above - n=872) to determine the association between reported hearing loss and use of health services: immunisation against influenza in last year, participation in prevention programs: prostate cancer, breast cancer and cervical cancer. We used the χ2 test of association and analysis of Poisson regression (significance level: 0.05).

Results The prevalence of hearing loss in elderly people was 11.2% and it was higher in men than women (p=0.00). 60.5% of the elderly related to take immunisation against influenza, 82.9% of the women referred to participate the program of prevention of cervical cancer and 64.1% referred to participate the breast cancer one. There was an association between self-reported hearing loss and participate in programs to prevent prostate cancer (RP: 1,8; p=0.03).

Conclusion Self-reported hearing loss can be itself a revelation indicator of handicap and it is quick and inexpensive to be performed. These data should be a tool to evaluate of the use of health services and moreover they could help to plan of hearing rehabilitation services.

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