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Chronic disease
P2-58 Unhealthy lifestyle patterns associated with waist circumference among adolescents: a school based survey
  1. A C de Moraes1,2,
  2. M C Falcão3
  1. 1GEPECIN – Science of Nutrition Group Research, Maringá, Paraná, Brazil
  2. 2GEPEMENE - Nutrition, Exercise and Metabolism Group Research, Londrina, Paraná, Brazil
  3. 3Children's Institute of School of Medicine of the University of São Paulo – Post-Graduate Program in Science, São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil


Objective To analyse patterns of lifestyle is associated with abdominal obesity in Brazilian adolescents (14–18 years old).

Methods This school-based survey was carried out among high school students from Maringá/PR/Brazil, (2007) selected through two-stage random sampling. The sample included 991 (54.5% girls) students. The outcome used was waist circumference (WC). The lifestyle variables used were: physical activity; sedentary behaviour and eating behaviour (number of meals per day; frequency of weekly consumption of soda). The multiple linear regression models were fitted to assess the relationship between WC and lifestyle patterns. Analyses were stratified by sex. Statistical significance was adopted α 5%.

Results The mean waist circumference (cm) for girls and boys was 77.3 and 80.4, respectively, (p<0.001). However, girls had higher prevalence of abdominal obesity than boys, 36.3% vs 28.4%, respectively, (p<0.001). The boys had a higher level of physical activity than girls, 436 min/wk against 353 min/wk, (p=0.003), and the girls have higher sedentary behaviour, 7.1 h/d compared to 5.9 h/d, (p<0.001). The daily consumption of soda was positively associated with WC in both sexes, ß=0.56 (p=0.041) for girls and ß=0.81 (p=0.038) for boys. And negatively associated between number of daily meals and WC, ß=−1.52 (p<0.001) for girls and ß=−1.07 (p=0.011) for boys.

Conclusion The higher prevalence of abdominal obesity, the lifestyle patterns are different between girls and boys and that eating habits are directly associated with waist circumference independent of sex.

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