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P1-523 Socioeconomic-related inequality in oral health risk behaviours among adolescents in Thailand
  1. T Somkotra
  1. Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand


Introduction As risk behaviours, including unhealthy diet and nutrition, tobacco and alcohol consumption, relevant to non-communicable chronic diseases are common to oral disease. This study aimed to quantify the extent to which socioeconomic-related inequality in oral health risk behaviours among Thai adolescents is manifested.

Methods Data of 5819 and 4429 Thai adolescents aged 11–19 years living in urban and rural, respectively from the nationally representative Health and Welfare Survey 2009 were used. Descriptive analyses were performed to reveal the features of oral health risk behaviours comprising frequency of eating snacks, drinking sweetened beverages, smoking, alcohol drinking. In addition to the use of concentration index (CI) to quantify the extent of socioeconomic-related inequalities in these behaviours.

Results Reports of eating snacks and drinking sweetened beverages often (ie, more than 5 days per week) of those adolescents of higher socioeconomic-status were more common than their lower socioeconomic-status counterparts. By contrast, smoking and alcohol consumption reveals reverse gradients as these behaviours were more concentrated among those of lower socioeconomic-status than their peers counterparts. The aforementioned findings are corroborated by CI values that revealed pro-rich inequality in diet behaviours meanwhile the CI indicates pro-poor inequality in smoking and alcohol consumption.

Conclusion This study demonstrated socioeconomic-related inequality in oral health risk behaviours among Thai adolescents is discernable along the entire spectrum of socioeconomic status. The study also indicates population subgroups that should receive consideration for improving oral health risk behaviours which may be enable for integrated approaches in general health promotion strategies.

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