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Epidemiology and policy
P1-381 The importance of school-based prevention strategies on cardiovascular health education of families
  1. E Zera,
  2. K Sotirofski,
  3. K Leka
  1. Regional hospital, Durres, Albania


Objective The goal of prevention programs is to reduce population exposure to environmental risk factors.Many people do not have sufficient knowledge about cardiovascular risk factors in Durres`district.We used a school-based educational intervention program to promote the health knowledge in all participating families. The aim of study is to evaluate the school–based education intervention in improving cardiovascular risk factor knowledge of families.

Methods A total of 400 fifth-grade school children and their parents were invited in the study; 300 families were included in the study. The children attended a single session and were supplied with family information packages. Pre-and post-test questionnaires were completed by these families before and after the session. The questionaire aims to evaluate the knowledge collective not individual. There are questions to risk factor of CHD, to nutrition and their contribute in CHD.

Results There was a significant increase in the overall cardiovascular risk factor knowledge of families (p value <0.001).The parents of boys achieved a greater level of health knowledge in comparison to the parents of girls (p value <0.005).

Conclusions This school-based educational intervention was effective in improving cardiovascular risk factor knowledge of families. Similar programs with more comprehensive methodology could be more effective in promoting healthy behaviours.

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