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Epidemiology and policy
P1-299 Method PELC: method of planning epidemiologic to lines of care
  1. E R Campos,
  2. D de Carvalho Moreira-Filho,
  3. M T N da Silva
  1. University of Campinas (Unicamp), Faculty of Medical Sciences, Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil


Introduction Actions are linked in lines of care to organise the route of the healthcare consumer. To test and determine the best course of care and to ensure its quality, the Method PELC—Method of Planning Epidemiologic to Lines of Care has been created.

Method PELC The Method PELC has eight elements: “Team of referees”, “Standard treatment”, “Management experimentation”, “PELC scores”, “Case-tracer-standard”, “Comparison groups”, “Aftercare system” and “Self-referred health”. The Method PELC forms a “Team of referees” that defines the “Standard treatment (ST)” of the line and its PELC-ST score; compares each line of care (LC) against the “Standard treatment” and the result is represented in the PELC-LC score; installs an retrospective study (case-control or historical cohort) or an prospective study (quasi-experimental or cohort); creates basis for comparison between the Case Group-LC (PELC-LC distant from PELC-ST) and the Control Group-LC (PELC-LC close to PELC-ST). In the retrospective study a quality interval is defined, with upper limit equal to PELC-ST, enabling to sort the lines in the groups. In the prospective study, the “Management experimentation” produces the lines of the Control Group-LC. The “Aftercare system” monitors quality of care that is coming. A “Self-referred health” explores the relationship between PELC-LC and self-perceptions of the healthcare consumer (PELC-HC).

Result The Method PELC allows local and multicenter studies in the investigation of clinical-social-organizational factors that act on the lines of care.

Conclusions The Method PELC leaves open to discussion a new line of research to the lines of care.

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