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Epidemiology and policy
P1-265 Effectiveness of smoking prevention programs for maternal and child health
  1. T Ojima1,
  2. M Nakamura1,
  3. T Yasuda1,
  4. T Noda1,
  5. C Murata1,
  6. S Hayasaka1,
  7. S Tonai2,
  8. A Nagai3,
  9. T Tanaka3,
  10. N Kondo3,
  11. K Suzuki3,
  12. Z Yamagata3
  1. 1Hamamatsu University, School of Medicine, Hamamatsu, Japan
  2. 2Oita Prefectural Office, Oita, Japan
  3. 3Yamanashi University, Yamanashi, Japan


Introduction Smoking is a very important risk factor for health including that of pregnant women. It can cause low birth weight babies and various maternal and child health problems. Though the number of municipalities which provide smoking prevention programs has been increasing, not all of them do so. This study aims to clarify the effectiveness of smoking prevention programs for maternal and child health.

Methods We collected two data sets in 2005. One is from a self-administered questionnaire survey for all of the mothers who participated in health checkups of babies in a certain period in randomly selected municipalities from all of Japan. Another is from a mail survey of various maternal and child health programs including smoking prevention programs for all of the municipalities in Japan. The two data sets were merged by municipality. Multilevel logistic regression analyses were applied to calculate the ORs concerning the data structure at the municipality and individual level.

Results The response rate of the survey for mothers was 77.1%. Data on 17 482 mothers in 115 municipalities can be merged. Among them, 73 municipalities were providing smoking prevention program for teenagers and 42 were not. Smoking rates of mothers during pregnancy were 7.6% in the municipalities with the program and 9.5% in those without it. OR (95% CI) of smoking in the municipalities with the program was 0.733 (0.584 to 0.919), p=0.007.

Conclusion Smoking prevention programs for teenagers seem to have a certain effectiveness in reducing the smoking rate of mothers during pregnancy.

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