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Epidemiology and policy
P1-229 Diet quality of male adult participants him study- Brazil (natural history of hpv infection in men): multicentric study
  1. J Carlos,
  2. A Previdelli,
  3. G Bartira,
  4. M L Baggio,
  5. A Giuliano,
  6. L Villa,
  7. E Lazcano,
  8. D Marchioni,
  9. R Fisberg
  1. University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Introduction The study “Natural History of HPV Infection in Men” (HIM study) is an international multicenter prospective cohort study that seeks to determine the incidence, persistence and remission of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection in men.

Objective To assess the dietary quality on participants in HIM—Brazil.

Methods Dietary intake of 70 participants were measured by two 24 h dietary recalls. The Brazilian Healthy Eating Index Revised (BHEI-R), developed according to current nutritional recommendations was used.

Methods The BHEI-R comprises a 12-components system of nine food groups based on Brazilian Dietary Guidelines (2006), which daily portions are expressed on energy density. Intakes at the level of the standard or more were assigned the maximum number of points: 5 to Total Grains; Whole Grains; Dark-Green and Orange Vegetables and Beans; Total Vegetables; Total Fruit and Whole Fruit); 10 to Dairy Products; Meat and Beans; Oils; Saturated Fat; and Sodium and 20 for SoFAAS (total calories from solid fat, alcohol and added sugar.

Results The mean B-HEIR score was 59.7±10.3. For Total Grains 4.7±0.8, Whole Grains 0.9±1.5, Dark-Green and Orange Vegetables and Beans 4.2±1.7, Total Vegetables 4.6±1.2, Total Fruit 3.1±2.0 and Whole Fruit 2.9±2.3, Dairy Products 4.7±3.1, Meat and Beans 9.0±2.0, Oils 8.7±3.2, Saturated Fat 4.7±3.6, Sodium 2.1±1.9 and SoFAAS 10.2±5.4.

Conclusion It was observed a low BHEI-R score, reflecting the low consumption of whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Dietary modifications are necessary to achieve better quality on food intake, potencially beneficial to prevent immunodeficiency and susceptibility to infections.

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