J Epidemiol Community Health 56:401 doi:10.1136/jech.56.6.401
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Diversity for midsummer

  1. John R Ashton, Joint Editors,
  2. CBE, Joint Editors,
  3. Carlos Alvarez-Dardet, Joint Editors


      In this issue, we offer a diversity of contributions on public health policy and practice and research. Since starting the section on Policy and Practice, the conceptual gap between public health “research” and “policy and practice” has been coming into a sharper focus, at least for the editors. Many university based researchers seem to have difficulty in going the next step from presenting research findings to what could or should be the consequences of their work, other than the old chestnut of “more research is needed”. We are beginning to carry examples of what this can mean in practice, for example in the paper this month on “walk to work” the links are made across the evidence base about how to make it …

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